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Tuesday to Saturday
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12AM to 2PM | 7PM to 9PM

La Muse Bouche

Next Holidays

From the 8th to the 24th inclued March

Enjoy your Taste Buds

In our restaurant, greed is in the spotlight. She is the inspiration of the chef who, every day, likes to imagine dishes with local and seasonal flavors. Let yourself be surprised by dishes composed only of fresh products and cooked on site.

On the sunny terrace or in an elegant and modern room, take a seat for an inspired appetizer, followed by a tasty menu. The restaurant La Muse Bouche welcomes you in the heart of Poligny, from Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Specials Today

Foie Gras and Duck Terrine

Wok of Vegetables and Chicken

Or Piece Of Pork

Cédrat creme Brulée


Menu Complet 17 €  Entrée + Plat ou Plat + Dessert 14,50 €

Specials Today

Snails Dish with Savagnin

Grilled Sirloin Steak 

Creme Brulé with Cédrat


Entrée + Plat + Dessert 19,50 €
Entrée + Plat ou Plat + Dessert 16,50 €


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